Ceramic Artist: Andrea Farley

About my work, about me...........

The egg, the cosmic egg- at the beginning of time the egg exists- from the egg life awakens and bursts forth. Egg represents new beginnings, awakening of spirit, energy and inspiration. Its' shape touches our ancestral memory.

My "Cup and Ring" carvings harken back to our pre-history, a time when humans saw the earth as nurturing mother...a time when the great monolithic stones wre erected in Britain. These carvings are shadowed in mystery today but speak to our folk memory across the ages. We want to follow their pattern with our fingers and absorb their significance.

The tactile plays a part in my work. The eggs asked to be handled..they can pretend to be fossilized from ancient times. The sea-shells are stylized and elegant.

I am interested in simplicity of form, taking designs from nature, and concentrating on surface aspects, earthy glaze patinas and the seredipitous magic of raku copper glazes and post firing reduction.



B.A. University of Maryland

Graduate Studies in Ancient History

Former residence in Great Britain, Greece, Switzerland

Interested in pottery as important markers in the archeological record.

Ceramic Studies at Skidmore College and Florida Keys Community College.

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