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I work to preserve the harvested tree by means of time- honored tools and techniques, showing care for the material which grew slowly over a long time. I explore new forms and re-examine old ones. Some designs are supplied by the client, some are collaborations, and some are original. A piece of furniture improves with use as it develops its own history and patina.

Cherry Armoire

80H x 44W x 261/2 D

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A custom made piece by an expert craftsman becomes an old friend. Please call for an appointment either at my country shop or your home, or email me.


30H x 54W x 271/2 D

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Since 1983 I have made custom furniture and cabinetry for bedrooms, living and dining rooms, family entertainment areas, kitchens, porches and decks, museums, corporate art collections and executive offices. The finished work, a composition of color, form and grain, reflects respect for the tree, the craft, the tools and the owner.



Richard Upton Design


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